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8.1 The Freight Forwarder obligates to provide transport services according to this booking, deliver cargo to destination point stated and hand over it to a consignee with all documents, related to it in compliance to all legal requirements.
8.2. The Freight Forwarder has right to:
8.2.1. confirm or return a booking to the Customer in 8 hours after a booking received, stating objective reason for this action, without any obligations to compensate possible or already occurred losses of the Customer;
8.2.2. suspend proceeding with cargo transportation requested by this booking of the Customer, if there is some essential information missing until this information in not received, sending prior notification about it to the Customer;
8.2.3. receive support from third party in providing transportation services to the Customer, following conditions of this booking.
8.3. The Customer obligated to:
8.3.1. transmit a booking to the Freight Forwarder by any mean of communication channel (fax, internet, e-mail, etc.) 48 hours before the Freight Forwarder is expected to take an action;
8.3.2. submit to the Freight Forwarder all information necessary to carry specific cargo and all documents necessary for fulfillment of this booking;
8.3.3. ensure appropriateness of a shipment's packaging for transportation;
8.3.4. compensate to the Freight Forwarder losses occurred due to inaccuracy or incompleteness of indicated in a booking data.
8.3.5. inform the Freight Forwarder about any changes in conditions, not later 24 hours before cargo transportation will take place;
8.3.6. ensure payment of the invoice for the services provided under conditions of this booking.

8.4. Dispute Resolution

8.4.1. The Customer is responsible for the timely loading and discharge of the vehicles provided by the Carrier according to the Application, as well as for the delay of sending or accepting the loaded vehicle due to the failure to execute and provide transportation documents on schedule, for the refusal of the vehicle ordered in the Application and for other violations leading to the delay. In such cases the Customer shall pay the Carrier late payment charge of four hundred litas (400 LTL) for each delayed day. The loading and discharge take 24 hours (72 hours in Russia). If the cargo has not been provided, the fine of 20% from the freight amount will be required to be paid.

8.4.2. The Customer also is obliged to retrieval the Contractor for all additional costs in relation to the retrieval of the Customer’s debt, including costs incurred by the Contractor while dealing with the third persons for the debt retrieval, as well as all Court-related costs.

  8.5. The Customer has right to make any changes in this booking sent to the Freight Forwarder or cancel it in not less then 48 hours before cargo transportation, without any obligations to compensate possible or already occurred losses of the Freight Forwarder.
8.6. Settlement of payment for the services:
8.6.1. the Customer obligates compensate to the Freight Forwarder the expenditures of fulfillment of the booking and agreed payment of a invoice issued according to the terms stated in this booking;
8.6.2. in the case of delayed against the invoice submitted by the Freight Forwarder, the Customer shall pay a fine of 0,2% for every delayed day of the due amount.
8.7. Liabilities of the parties:
8.7.1. all services provided to the Customer according to this booking conditions and liability of the Freight Forwarder is regulated by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, international conventions and agreements:

  • Warsaw convention from year 1929 and its adjustments from year 1955 on air freight under airway bill (AWB);
  • Geneva convention from year 1956 m. on road freight under international transportation document (CMR);
  • Visby rules from year 1968 on sear freight under Bill of Lading (B/L);
  • Bern convention from year 1964 on railway freight under international transportation document (SMGS).

8.7.2. the Freight Forwarder is not responsible for legal actions of customs or other state institutions, related to examination of a cargo, its temporary suspendment, confiscation and etc. while transportation services are provided according to this booking. Herewith the Customer obligated to compensate loses of the Freight Forwarder related to such actions;
8.7.3. the Customer is responsible for demurage of a vehicle, when transportation service is provided according to this booking in loading, intermediate or unloading points and liable to compensate the Freight Forwarder 250 (two hundred fifty) EUR per one waiting day according to demurage calculation guidelines, confirmed in this booking, if not agreed overwise.
8.8. Place of arbitration
All the disputes, which arise from the failure to properly and fully perform obligations by one party or both parties according to this Agreement or a specific order, are settled by mutual negotiation and in a benevolent way. If a peaceful settlement has not been reached, the dispute will be settled in court on parties’ own initiative. The parties agree to establish territorial jurisdiction in accordance with the Carrier’s office address.

This booking sent to the Freight Forwarder and confirmed by both parties by fax or electronically has all legal powers.

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